Price for SMS Masking

Price for SMS Masking – SMS Masking is an SMS Blast service that is sent via the app to many contact numbers that you have using the product name or company name (Sender ID) that has been registered with the operator.

SMS Masking Price*

*) SMS Credit calculation is explained below.

SMS Masking

More than 1 million

SMS Credits

More than 1 million

SMS Credits

SMS Masking Credit Deduction per Operator*

*) SMS Masking prices may change at any time, according to operator conditions.

Regular SMS

Indosat: 1.85 credits

Telkomsel : 1,74 kredit

Tri: 1.88 credits

Smartfren: 2,06 kredit

XL, Axis: 2,08 kredit

OTP/Premium SMS

Tri: 1.91 credits

Smartfren: 2,06 kredit

Telkomsel : 1,74 kredit

Indosat: 1.86 kredit

XL, Axis: 2,13 kredit


Real Time Delivery Report

SMS delivery reports for all operators can be checked directly.

Download Report

You can download SMS delivery reports both per user and per month.


An API URL is available to simplify the process of integrating your system with NusaSMS.

Invalid Number Filter

There is a check for invalid (unregistered) numbers.

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  1. [otp] = enter otp, your verification number, password for, cash check token
  2. is verification = your identification number, identification code, otp for, your otp code
  3. is verification code = your identification code, verification code, otp secret, your otp number
  4. do not tell = identification number, identification number, secret: otp, your otp device
  5. don't tell = identification code, verification number, secret : otp, your otp code
  6. enter otp code = your identification code, fscm Mandiri password, balance withdrawal token, your otp number
  7. enter verification code = your identification code, your password, balance check token, your OTP device
  8. enter code = your identification number, your otp, cash withdrawal token

Telkomsel, XL, Tri, and Smartfren operators require Sender ID to use SMS Blast Masking.

Click here to download the Sender ID form.