Quick SMS

Sending an SMS quickly by doing copy-paste of the destination's GSM numbers

Professional SMS

Sending more advanced SMS with Contact List/Group, Text Placeholder, and Scheduling capabilities.

How to Activate NusaSMS Account

This video informs how to register a NusaSMS account and then activate the account so that it can be used.

SMS Inbox as SMS Auto Reply

Illustration of using SMS Inbox as SMS Auto Reply

SMS Inbox activity settings

Video Tutorial of how to set SMS Inbox activity

Online SMS Top Up Tutorial

Video Tutorial on how to set up SMS credit top up on the NusaSMS application


Send SMS from the data in the Excel file

Schedule SMS

The NusaSMS feature that can send messages based on a predetermined date and time

How to Change NusaSMS Account Password

The process of changing the new password steps, if you forget the password to enter the NusaSMS application page.

Import Contact/Group

Importing Contact Data Or Contact Groups from Excel/CSV

SMS Inbox as SMS Center

Illustration of using SMS Inbox as an SMS Center

Utilization of SMS Inbox (Join Promo)

Illustration of SMS Inbox used in Join Promo