WhatsApp Blast Notifications, OTP, and Promotions

Online service method for the need to send and receive WhatsApp messages via Web and API. By using WhatsApp Blast from NusaSMS, you can send messages to many numbers at once without having to save the number in your contacts first.

The advantages of WhatsApp Blast over the WhatsApp Broadcast feature

As an application made by a third party, this feature is designed to overcome the limitations of using the built-in broadcast feature of WhatsApp Business. The advantages of WhatsApp Blast are as follows:

  • The number of message recipients is not limited
  • No need to save number
  • Messages will be received on the same day

Package Price*

*) Prices are subject to change at any time, subject to operator conditions.
1 WA Credit = 1 – 2,000 characters

WA Credit Deductions Based on Status*

*) WA Credit Calculation is explained below

NEW : 0 credits


FAILED : 0 credits

ABORTED : 1 kredit

  • Send a WhatsApp message to the WA number you have.
  • WhatsApp can be used for notifications, OTP and promotions.
  • WhatsApp can send pictures.
  • WhatsApp can be replied (2-way) & 1 way.
  • Whatsapp cannot use Masking/Sender Name.
  • WhatsApp delivery reports are available on the NusaSMS application.

Usage Rules & Restrictions

  • NusaSMS customers are PROHIBITED send SPAM messages (such as sweepstakes, gambling, discrimination, slander, etc.).
  • All NusaSMS customers must follow this acceptable usage policy. If you violate this policy, your account will be automatically closed/inactive.
  • NusaSMS may refuse to provide services, close each user's account, and the remaining WA credit they have cannot be returned.

You can download our WA Manual Book here.