Frequently Asked Questions: SMS Long Number

Terms of Use: SMS Long Number

  1. NOT for sending OTP messages.
  2. The success rate of sending Long Number SMS is a maximum of 85%.
  3. Telkomsel, Indosat, and Tri operators will block message content containing the following words:
    1. OTP content: kode verifikasi, code verification, otp, pin, akun, username, password, token.
    2. Web address: the system will automatically delete text containing words (https://, https://, www).
    3. Numeric content (Telkomsel and Tri) eg: 123456, Rp. 100,000, 11-12-2019.
    4. Sensitive content: dana, selamat, nomor, juta.
    5. Numbers greater than 3 digits will be considered OTP and will not be sent.
  4. Causes for messages to be slow to be received:
    1. The signal at both the sender and the receiver is inadequate.
    2. Operators perform maintenance both in the sending and receiving areas.
  5. Message failed to send:
    1. The message content is blocked by the operator.
    2. The recipient number is no longer active.
    3. The receiver does not get a signal at the time the message is sent.
    4. If the message format is blocked, an alternative message format will be offered so that the message sent is not blocked.
  6. The message was sent but not received:
    1. Messages are not forwarded by XL, Axis, Indosat, Tri operators to the recipient number.
    2. The message content is filtered by the operator.
    3. Operators in the receiving area is performing a maintenance.