WhatsApp Official Business

A system that facilitates communication activities through WhatsApp Official – Business Edition with your customers without any barriers so that you can develop and automate your business.

WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Official Business
Business Profile Yes Yes
Message Templates  – Yes
Number of Users (For Inbound) Unlimited users
Customer Database Management and Conversation History (For Inbound) Yes
Bulk Outbound Message Yes
Performance Report Yes
Official Checkmark Yes

Price for WhatsApp Official Business – Outbound Blast System Only

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* Prices do not include VAT.
** Price per outbound message credit for blast IDR 440 (outbound).
*** Additional price per user IDR 200,000, - (these users are used for setting outbound WA usage).

WhatsApp Official Business Price – Inbound System (Outbound + CRM)

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* Prices do not include VAT.
** Prices per outgoing message credit for mutual inquiries are included.
*** Additional price per user IDR 200,000,-