WhatsApp Automation Tools

WhatsApp Automation Tools makes it easy for you to reach your customers via WhatsApp, the most popular application worldwide.


Please try the following innovations!
Send a WhatsApp message ”Hi WaChat" or "quote" to


See your message on the right screen, and the system will reply to your WhatsApp automatically.

Some examples of WA Interactive use cases

Features and Benefits of WhatsApp Automation Tools

An effective and professional platform to communicate with potential customers and create a loyalty program.

WebHook (CallBack API)

Retrieve incoming messages in the form of text/images by configuring the webhook end point (URL Callback API).

Hosting Number

By hosting a number (dedicated), the number is used specifically for WhatsApp account owners (it will not be shared with other parties).

Interactive Messaging (2 Way)

By hosting a WhatsApp number on our server, clients can custom make 2-way (interactive) messages. For example: for tracking the delivery of goods, etc.

Delivery Status Statistics

You can measure the results of sending messages (campaign) via status statistics: DELIVERED, READ, NOT READ. Status can be passed to the client via the CallBack API in realtime.

Database Security

We do not buy or sell contact databases. The data belongs to the respective accounts and cannot be accessed by other people's accounts.

Message Scheduling

Is there a need to send messages on certain days and hours? Does not matter. The NusaChat system allows scheduled messaging.

Real Time

No need for delays or interruptions, incoming messages are received in real time. Allows clients to follow up or respond instantly.

Contact Management

Create and upload a list of potential customers with GSM numbers. The customer database is stored in the client's own address book panel so that it can then be used for sending mass WhatsApp messages at any time.

Inbox and AutoReply

A numbered inbox is available (please subscribe to a dedicated number to use this service), and adjustments can be made for AutoReply.


Messages can be made based on the recipient's name, city, or in the form of a birthday greeting.

Autoreply & Chatbot

Send pre-arranged automated answers to each specified question, 24/7.

Text and Image

Can send messages up to 1,000 characters per message, either in the form of text or images with captions.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free mobile application that uses your cellphone connection to chat with other users, without being charged SMS fees. WhatsApp application also allows to share files, images, voice calls and videos for free.

WhatsApp supports many types of cellphones, making WhatsApp popular in areas where SMS prices are expensive including Indonesia. In fact, WhatsApp is the most popular alternative to SMS in 109 countries or 56 percent worldwide.

Why Use WhatsApp for Business?

  • Your customer is most likely already using WhatsApp.
  • >50 Billion messages are sent per day via WhatsApp.
  • 67% of Mobile Messaging users will use chat more for business communication in the next 2 years.
  • Engagement rate: 98% of messages opened and read.
  • 90% of messages are opened within 3 seconds of receipt.

What is WhatsApp Automation Tools?

WA Automation Tools is one of the innovations by utilizing the client's WhatsApp phone and WhatsApp Web that allows clients or users (businesses) to send messages to their communities or customers. Likewise it can be configured to receive messages from contacts and save in inbox.