NusaSMS – Text To Voice

Text To Voice
Text To Voice – An online service that has the function of converting text into voice calls to various telephone numbers in your database for notification needs via telephone, billing, and voice OTP for your company or application.
By using the Text to Voice service, you have another option in conveying messages because some people prefer to hear messages than to read incoming messages.

Package Price*

*) Prices do not include 10% VAT.
**) The price above is the cost per second with a minimum call duration of 10 seconds.
       If the call duration is less than 10 seconds, the fee charged is Rp. 750,- (flat).
**) Prices are subject to change at any time, subject to operator conditions.

Booking Terms:

  • Fill out the Text To Voice order form as desired.
  • Submit a completed Text To Voice order form a maximum of 3 working days before the scheduled delivery of Text To Voice.
  • Payment is made in advance (PAID OFF) according to the invoice we provide.

Order Process:

  1. Fill in Text To Voice order data.
  2. Our finance team will prepare an invoice and send the invoice to you.
  3. Customer makes payment and sends proof of payment via email to D-2 working days before sending Text To Voice is executed.
  4. The NusaSMS Sales Team sends a Text To Voice order form.
  5. The customer fills in the data into the Text To Voice order form.
  6. Form submission time: Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. (If the document is sent on a Friday after 5 PM it will be processed on Monday).
  7. Text to Voice Call will be sent according to the date and time in the Text To Voice Call order form.
  8. Text to Voice delivery report will be sent to customer D+2 (working days) after Text To Voice is run.