WaChat NusaSMS Service For Business

WaChat NusaSMS is a WhatsApp API gateway service for sending and receiving messages, notifications, schedulers, reminders and tracking with simple integration for your business.

*) Prices are subject to change at any time, following NusaSMS policy.


Description Basic WaChat Professional WaChat Enterprise WaChat
Sender number & device from customer v v v
API x v v
URL PUSH x x v
OTP Content x v v
Text Content, Text+Image v v v
SPAM Content x x x
Marketing Content v v v
Maximum message per day 1.000 1.000 1.000
Need Internet Connection v v v


  • If your WhatsApp number is blocked, please re-scan the QR code in our application to replace the new WhatsApp number.
  • If a number is blocked but its usage has not reached 1,000 messages, then messages sent with a replacement number will be accumulated. The number of messages sent is accumulated daily.
  • NusaSMS is not responsible if your WhatsApp number is blocked for any reason.