Bulk SMS or Broadcast SMS

By using NusaSMS, schools can send sudden notifications, regular notifications or changes to meeting schedules and so on to students or parents without incurring large costs.

Schools no longer need to send letters manually although for certain conditions letters are still needed. Also, there is no need to spend money and energy by calling each student one by one you want to provide information.

Auto Reply SMS

The way this feature works is: when we send an SMS to a system number using a certain format, for example: NIS#NAME#SEMESTER1 and send it to the system number (0813 4384xxxx), our SMS will automatically be replied to in the format that has been set in the system.

An example of the reply format is: We are proud of Ananda Budi Santoso, here are your scores during Semester 1: Math=9, Indonesian=8, Social Studies=8, Biology=9, Chemistry=9 and so on.

Autoresponder SMS/Scheduled SMS

By using NusaSMS, schools can send certain messages with certain moments to teachers, students or parents of students with a database containing the cellphone number, name, date of birth of the person who belongs to the school.

After you have finished setting everything, then the next SMS will be sent to the mobile number whose owner's birthday at that time, without having to send it manually.

SMS Poll

Maybe one day you want to measure the level of satisfaction of parents with school services. Then you can use the SMS Polling feature to make your work easier.

You can hold polls behind closed doors or openly. That is, if the poll is closed, then only certain people can take part in the poll. If the poll is held openly, then everyone can take part in the poll.

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