HLR Lookups Service

Say goodbye to spending money on invalid numbers. Optimize costs and increase delivery capabilities with an always up-to-date contact database.

NusaSMS HLR Lookups

The HLR Lookup service is a service to find out the status of a mobile number that is still active or no longer active.

Get a valid and active mobile number from the entire database of mobile phone numbers that you have. So that when you do Bulk SMS, it will be more accurate and efficient, because every time you send an SMS, even if the target phone number is inactive or no longer active, you will still be subject to SMS fees.

So, by checking the status of the cellphone number before conducting the SMS campaign, you will get savings in sending SMS costs to numbers that are no longer active.

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Benefits of HLR Lookup (Mobile Number Validation)

Reduce messaging costs and increase delivery in real-time

Reduce costs & increase ROI

Clean user database of invalid numbers and increase message effectiveness with optimized campaigns.

Improve customer experience

Make sure you have the right number when your customer signs up to be able to send the right message.


Improve user security

Confirm your user information and location via their mobile number and protect their account.

Here's an example of how you can get number checking information using our API:


   POST /number/1/query HTTP/1.1
   Host: {base_url}
   Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==
   Content-Type: application/json
   Accept: application/json


The “to” parameter is the mobile number you want to check.



   HTTP/1.1 200 OK
   Content-Type: application/json

                               “description”:”Message delivered to handset”
                                 “description”:”No Error”,