Get to know the term Sender ID in Sending SMS Blast

In the SMS Masking service, your brand will appear as an SMS sender (not a GSM number). Therefore, this service is very suitable for Promotional SMS and SMS Marketing.
Judging from the name, Sender ID consists of two words, namely "sender" and "ID". The word sender means sender, and ID means identity. Examples are the names of companies, institutions, communities, brands, and so on. Because it cannot be changed, Sender ID in sending SMS Masking must be legally accountable. Therefore, when you want to apply and activate Sender ID to the operator, you must complete the necessary documents.
Some of the provisions in making Sender ID are as follows:

1. Maximum 11 Characters

2. Can't Use Personal Names

3. Can Use a Combination of Letters and Numbers

4. Sender ID cannot be changed