Tips to Avoid Getting Blocked on WhatsApp Numbers When Sending WhatsApp Blast

Talking about blocking, it is not uncommon for WhatsApp blaster users to immediately send messages in large numbers, even thousands, at a time. As a result: WhatsApp number is blocked by WhatsApp.
Before discussing about tips to avoid getting blocked on WhatsApp numbers, there is a simple analogy made by Luiz Fernando Delphino (2018) to predict the blocking rate of WhatsApp. This analogy is called the “Point System”.
  • You will start with zero points. Your starting point will be negative if your IP or device was previously blacklisted.
  • Rule: You will lose if your points are zero. In this context it means your WhatsApp will be blocked.
  • If you have a conversation on WhatsApp, you will earn points.
  • If your interlocutor marks you as spam, you will lose some points.
  • If your interlocutor blocks you, you will lose more points.

1. Avoid Using Main WhatsApp Number

Although it can be avoided, the potential for getting the WhatsApp numbers blocked is still there. Therefore, you should use a number that is specifically for sending WhatsApp blasts.

Tip: use a number that has often been used for WhatsApp activities for a certain period of time.

2. Set up WhatsApp Business Profile

By using WhatsApp Business, you can manage business information on your WhatsApp account. By having complete business information such as a profile photo, business address, business category, and so on, it will be easier for recipients to recognize you when they receive a message.

3. Send Messages in an Interactive Language

In addition to sending messages to people who are registered as members or customers, you can also send interactive messages so that the response rate given is high. Interactive messaging will minimize the potential for WhatsApp to be blocked.

4. Give a Pause in Sending Messages

The pause in sending WhatsApp messages is done to avoid suspicion from the WhatsApp system. In addition to pauses, you can also increase the sending quota of messages gradually. You can start sending 10 messages at a time, then increase the number to 20, eventually reaching the thousands.

5. Using a Trusted Platform

Besides already having a good reputation, you can also directly send WhatsApp messages in large numbers automatically using a trusted WhatsApp blast service provider platform.
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