SMS Marketing Copywriting Tips

SMS is one of the mass messaging media with an open rate of 98%. In order for the results of your SMS Marketing to be optimal and not considered spam, make sure the messages you send are relevant and useful to your audience

1. Short & To The Point

The number of characters for one SMS is 160 characters. With a short message content, you must be able to attract the attention of your audience in a short period of time as well. 
Use opening words that emphasize the benefits they will get. example: “SAVE 50%”, “SALE”, “BUY 1 GET 1”, “3 DAYS ONLY!”

2. Emphasize using Capital Letters

Unlike other media, SMS is not supported in various formats such as bold, italic, or underline. To get around this limitation, you can capitalize what you want to emphasize. example: “LIMITED SALE”, “FREE DELIVERY”, “TODAY ONLY”

3. Send Personalized Messages

By addressing them by name, your audience will feel closer and trust you more. Don't forget to pay attention to the character limit so messages don't exceed 160 characters.

4. Use Call-To-Action (CTA)

In order for your message to be converted into sales, a CTA needs to be delivered so that your message is not simply ignored. You can insert these sentences at the end of the message:
– “Info: (link)”
– “Reply with (keyword)”
– “Use code (code)”
– “Show me this message”
– “Track your order on (link)”

5. Emphasize Urgency

When offering something via SMS (example: promo), you can mention the end of the promo so that they can immediately claim the given promo. Example: “valid for today only”, “valid for 3 days ONLY 3-5 June 2021”