Case Study (9/9): SMS/WhatsApp Blast for E-Commerce

With the right strategy, sellers can use SMS/WhatsApp Marketing to acquire new customers, increase sales through loyalty programs, and also convey important information.

Why should you use SMS/WhatsApp Marketing? It is undeniable, the ringing of incoming messages always attracts our attention. By sending relevant messages, you can establish and maintain good relationships with customers.

Examples of variations of messages that can be sent are new customer welcomes, order confirmations, customer satisfaction surveys, discounted information, and training/seminar invitations.

What are the benefits of SMS/WhatsApp Marketing for E-Commerce?

1. Click To Action (CTA)

Send messages that are short and to the point, and insert a link so your customers can immediately take action. For example: “Click on the following link to claim your voucher”. In addition to opening the link you sent, your customers also have the opportunity to directly open your website/application.

2. Build a Good Relationship

It is not uncommon for websites or applications to provide the option to subscribe to SMS or WhatsApp. Subscribers are usually loyal customers who don't want to be left behind with the offers you provide. By sending messages regularly but not appearing intrusive, you can maintain a good relationship with your customers.