Case Study (4/9): SMS/WhatsApp Blast for the Tourism Industry

There are many aspects included in the tourism industry, some of which are restaurants, lodging, transportation, and recreational facilities. Improve service quality using SMS/WhatsApp Blast as shown in the following example.

1. Order Confirmation

The confirmation message contains the name of the service provider, the date ordered, fees paid or to be paid, booking ID, and so on.

2. Reminder Message

When they want to travel, it is not uncommon for customers to order tickets in advance. Apart from being a reminder, service providers also provide welcome messages to their service users.

3. Acknowledgments After Using the Service

To maintain good relations with customers, a thank you letter can be sent along with an invitation to use the service in the future.

4. Discount Information during Peak Season

After placing an order, the customer's personal data information will be stored in the service provider's database. This data can be used to provide discount information for future orders.