Tips to Increase Legitimacy in Sending SMS/WhatsApp Blast

In sending bulk messages, you must use the right strategy so that the messages you send are not considered as spam. As in the previous discussion, interaction is key. If the recipient of the message has previously interacted with you, the legitimacy of the message you send will be of great value.
How to create interaction on SMS/WhatsApp?

1. Publish SMS/WhatsApp Center Number

To attract the attention of the audience in print, you can offer them tangible benefits if they contact your SMS/WhatsApp center.

Example: “Get a 25% discount voucher by sending a message “PROMOJUNI” to 08123456789″

2. Using WhatsApp Widget on Your Website

By placing a WhatsApp widget on your website, your audience will easily connect and start a conversation with you on WhatsApp. This will make it easier for them to contact you without having to save your number first.

3. Inserting WhatsApp Barcodes in Promotional Media

Another easy way that makes it easy for your audience to connect with you is to scan the barcode that is linked to your WhatsApp. You can use the barcode generator and enter your WhatsApp link:

This strategy will give you many benefits, starting from adding a customer database voluntarily, so that the chances of your SMS/WhatsApp number being blocked will be smaller.